An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Mahatma Ghandi


                                                         Evidence of wasted rates

 Send in your experiences of council waste, including proof of $$ spent (council records).

 Ask TDC for information via Local Govt Act Official Information and Meetings Act request:Tina Jakes, Head of Democracy or a general inquiry

$2,168,500 Estimated cumulative total to Feb 19:    


 An offer of cash to build a cover in Suncourt lane from a local property owner - council spent $100,000 (?)

 (please send actual if you know) on consultants when this could have paid for most of the cover.                                             

$141,500 on traffic consultant's (Traffic Design Group now Santec) report which included multiple mistakes.                          

$127,000 on upgrading the lights for no identified benefit.                                                                                                          

$100,000? Warren Mahoney - no proposals without council buildings for the "cultural precinct".                                               

$1.55m - TDC relocating fees.   


$200k ? on Domain CAB folly now unlikely to be used. 





Facts are obtained from TDC via Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act requests. Opinions are well researched from credible sources. ©2018 the thinktaupo team, created with

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