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Surveymonkey (no lights petition) comments:

"No lights, no high rises, keep Taupo a great place, we don't want this pristine town to be like like Tauranga or other places ruined by exploitation in 20 years time".

"I believe our councillors have forgotten that their role is to set the policies and the council staff administer these policies ... it appears that council staff are driving change. Councillors need to develop a collective backbone!"

"We own a property in Nukuhau, lights would just delay us more than we are delayed now​."

"The Council seem to have a 'brick wall / stubborn' approach to alternative, better solutions. Not what we expect from out elected members and brings into question their competence."

"Slowly slowly the Councillors will wake up and get on with the more important bridge that is planned for 2028. This new bridge could be started now? Start design of the bridge now? Wake up Mayor David".

"Just slow down the traffic going north because vehicles speed up at the bridge and zipping is harder."

Richard - "well done and informative".

John - "a very good read".

Sandy Connell- " "Interesting that the road count is happening when most of the schools have finished for the year!"

Christine McElwee

18 January 2019

“I support THINKTAUPO’s petition against traffic lights at the Wairakei Drive/Norman Smith Street intersection for the following reasons:

1)      Taupo District Council’s public consultation has been seriously inadequate on this subject.

2)      Common public perceptions are that Council has neither listened to nor heard the views and future preferences of those adversely affected by current traffic congestion at this location (and also at the Wairakei Drive/Poihipi Road intersection).

3)      There is various expert evidence available that a roundabout is a cheaper and more efficient traffic management solution in this location, than Council’s choice of expensive traffic lights.

4)      Why waste ratepayers’ over half a $million on traffic lights, which are only a temporary traffic congestion solution, pending Council building the planned for second town bridge, Council’s known and documented long term traffic management solution in this location."

Paul Henson- "critical information to examine poor council decisions and offer solutions."  





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