Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.


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         Well thought out, clear and precise, analytical ideas accepted.      No rambling or complaining - just solutions, thanks.



         Roundabout at NSWD                                              


           Better - flow, safety, cost, driver acceptance.


                       Lower environmental impact. 


                Less fuel consumption and pollution. 


            Plenty of room for roundabout (TDC own 30m to fence). 


                             No-one wants lights.




                                                                        Green the domain   



                                                                                                                    Complies with ratepayers' wishes.


                                                                                                     Meets cultural emphasis developed over decades.


                                                                                    Allows for upgrade of museum/library/arts centre, without council building on domain. 



        More domain and CAB options

  Ask for museum/library/arts upgrade only, CAB in town.                   


  Lease office space.






  Sign at ETA

 Install a sign to divert more traffic to ETA exits - Centennial, Broadlands, Napier roads.

 Use the ETA as it was designed.

 20 min survey at north ETA roundabout 2Jan19 - traffic equally split down Wairakei Drive and ETA

       - leads to congestion at Control Gates bridge.


        Brainstorming group 


 Selected locals with expertise for specific projects, with serious critical and financial analytical ability.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

 Not restricted to bureaucratic council procedures, or influenced by strong personalities or vested interests.


 Open to taking on board ratepayers' concerns and ideas.


     Vote wisely                     


 Vote for a competent team who can make complex decisions and control a qualified CEO.

 Don't vote for people with serious convictions such as Rick Cooper...but...has he redeemed himself                                                                     by offering TDC leased office space in a new building in Horomatangi St? An excellent opportunity.

 Others have been challenged for breaches of interests - ThinkTaupo are investigating.

 Most of the current councillors were heavily criticized by CouncilMark for their lack of financial analysis, and yet little has changed.

 John Boddy would appear to be the only councillor capable of serious critical analysis. 


 Was Joan Williamson the last of the 'old school' mayors of integrity, honesty, openness and public service?



Weekender (Cooper's offer) article: 13Dec18


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