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Council Administration Building - CAB



Latest news: TDC's preferred option for CAB is build at Tuwharetoa St.

Finally - a sensible decision that at least removes the CAB from the Domain.


  • TDC current leases are $400k p.a. but $800k p.a. for a new building, so why not stay where they are?

  • Why not use video conferencing? Is there something wrong with the ultra fast broadband recently installed? 

  • Leasing has no capital input. And TDC don't even have a brief for investors.

  • TDC legal (Dustin) says “yes a cafe can be run” but then “a commercial operation cannot be run” re Tongariro St site. Which is correct?

  • Why set up a cafe in a new building? It's not TDC's business to risk commercial operations (300 sqm costs c. $1m).

  • Estimates for a CAB up to $46m (for all the precinct project) = 30% more debt.

  • Do ratepayers want another $46m of debt ? Interest is $1.84m p.a. plus a loan to pay off.

  • How much have TDC wasted on consultants' plans for the domain? $400,000. Benefit - none.

  • Cost for CAB consultants $47,000. This could have been sorted in a 1 day meeting.

See Taupo Times article 8 Feb 19 pages 4,5.  

                                                     The 'Council' Precinct Project

                                                                          Vote NO Council Administration Building on the Domain.


Latest meeting debacle - 5Feb19 - TDC heavily biased against Tuwharetoa, with underground parking as part of their estimate (not included in Domain build) doubling the cost. (Now Apr 19 - Tuwharetoa is a preferred option).

And money already allocated to CAB in precinct but not toward the museum, library or arts centre.

62% voted against CAB on domain in Dec18 survey, 21% yes, 17% undecided - full results below.

At the very first meeting at Taupo RSA, Philip King assured people could say NO to the domain CAB proposal. Yet there was no provision for a NO to CAB in the 4 proposals offered.

TDC are unsure whether they can even build there - Reserves Act limitations.

6,500 ratepayers voted against a similar proposal in 2010...yet all current proposals include the North Domain...

Preferred Solution

 To save $40m for ratepayers and taxpayers:


 Defer the museum/library/arts centre and landscaping.  

 Investors build the CAB in the CBD (not on the domain) or old site, and lease to TDC.


 Cost - nil capital to ratepayers, no loan to pay off.


 There are more advantages to leasing than owning - most public service buildings are leased.


Council vs ratepayers                                                   

 Council and CEO mis-label project as 'cultural'. 

 Consultant's contract for proposals must include CAB.   

 No option for just cultural assets (museum/library/arts). 

  •  Only 4 options to public - none with NO council building. 

 Therefore misleading result of "preferred" public option. 

  •  6,500 ratepayers sign a petition against CAB on domain (2010). 

  •  Hundreds vote against CAB on the domain at public meeting.  TDC ignore both these. 

 TDC promise not to build on north domain - all proposals include north domain.

 TDC building demolished despite asbestos levels under limits.   

 Recommendations only to remove or encapsulate panels.

 Earthquake risks identified - these haven't changed for 30 years... so why the rush to demolish?

  •   2017 council preferred option is 72 Lake Terrace, 2018 preferred option changed to Domain.       


  •  Dec18 workshop earlier meeting closed to public despite no advertisement - against council rules.

 Resounding public applause at workshop for Cr Boddy who pointed out the opposition to the CAB on the domain.

 Public question - why was the majority of feedback against CAB on the domain ignored? - was avoided by Gareth Green - his reply:                  

     'put in a submission in Feb 2019'.

 Next question shut down by the mayor who closed the meeting. 


  • So much for democracy.    




Green the domain 

It's a cultural green space, not a commercial grey space.

TDC's CAB criteria: 'suitable for commercial offices' - District Plan prohibits commercial buildings on Domain, yet TDC continue.


Parking issues remain - already busy periphery use proposed - where will extra vehicles go?


Remember it's original purpose - a park-like domain.  


Vote for more trees, more public green spaces.


Elections are in 2019 - time to replace most councillors and the CEO. 




 No business case prepared before proposals drawn. 


 8 CBD options for CAB analysed (pdf): 3 for a new CAB

  all meet criteria / all offer lease options /all dismissed for unknown reasons.                   


 Cost to TDC could have been only $0.5m to $1.9m.

 Redundancy risks for the Domain site (Crown land) are high.

 Same consultants (Warren Mahoney) for new CAB proposals as recommended demolishing old CAB - conflict of interest?




  $381,000 p.a. current TDC leases 6 buildings, 120 staff.

 $1.55m relocation costs (to spend again?).  

 $15m 'set aside' is more debt or sale of assets.

 $600k p.a. interest


 The 'Shane Jones' Provincial Fund is over-booked.     

  Save $25m with a simple solution.                                             





    Stop this debacle



                                                                                           and CEO                            


                                                                                        "We want the council to listen.

                                                                                        Stop plans for council buildings on the domain. 

                                                                                        We demand a proposal for a cultural center only (museum/library/arts). 

                                                                                        We want all options to be critically analysed, including offers to build a CAB.

                                                                                        We want our elected representatives to provide ratepayers with a fairer choice". 


                                                                                                                                                                                                     (return to top)



Survey monkey results - 337 replies:

For option A 212 say NO. 69 say YES.  58.are Undecided.

For option B. 202 say NO. 81 say YES. 50 are Undecided.

For option C. 209 say NO. 77 say YES. 61 are Undecided.

For option D. 212 say NO. 62 say YES. 55 are Undecided.  (return to text)


Dowdell Asbestos Report - pdf page 10 ---------

Preferred options document: ----------   

TDC 'preferred option' contradiction:  (return to text)


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