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Norman Smith traffic lights.

Aug 19

Total "improvements" cost $900,000 for more delays 95% of the time, hugely increased danger,

one lane for cycle and slow vehicles is dangerous.


Installed at $300k cost - then 14 vehicles through red lights in first week.

Power fails in town - flow 30% better.


Apr 2019:

Complaint laid by ThinkTaupo against council for

8 alleged breaches of the Local Government Act.


No breakdown from council of the $1.1m allocated to this project -

despite this serious omission most councillors voted in favour.

Works starting 22 Apr 19. A very poor decision.


NSWD $670,000 'works' plus $479,000 for lights = $1,149,000 wasted.

Despite: 1,070 signature petition against, no cost benefit analysis, no reasons given, no 'safety issue' identified, no advantages over current layout, no other options considered. More delays (international research), less safety (potential head-ons and t-bones), more driver frustration, high visual impact, more pollution from delays. 


An out-of-control council reacting to being told they don't have the ability to critically analyse a report. And a CEO who controls them like puppets.

Time to get rid of them. 


Mar 19: Council vote for $850,000 for traffic lights that no-one wants.

For an experiment.

26 Feb 19 - petition presented to council who were silent on critical q's. Go here...11 mins in

Positive discussions after the march were just platitudes - TDC plan to start works soon.

Results of petition against traffic lights: 1,070 locals and visitors signed, in 5 weeks.

Thanks to 16 local Taupo shops and everyone who supported the petition.

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                                               The case for a roundabout at NSWD

                                                                                           Norman Smith / Wairakei Drive     



Roundabouts have better - flow, safety, cost. Higher driver acceptance.


Less fuel consumption and pollution. Lower visual impact. Lower environmental impact.

Plenty of room for roundabout (TDC own 30m to fence).  No-one wants lights.




                                                                                       $560,000 - 1 set of lights.

                                                                         $50,000 (est) - recycled rubber roundabout at NSWD.


                                                                                   $4,000 - an urban sized roundabout.

                                                                                  $141,500 - error ridden TDG traffic report.                    

                                                                                     $127,000 -  1 set of lights upgrade.                                          





            Case study                                                          

Lights went out in town - traffic videoed before and after. 30% increase in flow without lights.  Go here... 




Henson Report demolishes Traffic Design Group report. 

33 international reports all recommend roundabouts in CBDs.                 

Submissions successful in stopping 6 sets of traffic lights in Taupo CBD.

$2.5m of rates saved.

1,070 sign petition against NSWD lights. 



A recycled rubber roundabout (on road surface) as a trial. Estimate $50,000.                                                      


Trial lights with surveys before and after - estimate $5,000.     


Install neon signs on the ETA -"time to town via exits" for better traffic efficiency.  Estimate $20,000.

Better bus service from Acacia Bay and Kinloch.

Bike to work.





Embarrassed they have wasted $141,500 on a sub-standard report, which they failed to critically analyse, they try to justify it by installing lights...



2017 - TDC added 7 sets of traffic lights in the CBD to the Long Term Plan.         



2018 - TDC resolution 04/26 councillors Park, Kingi... [to go ahead with lights...]  "pending the development of the transport strategy...".

                                                                     Despite no strategy, TDC plans continue. 

CEO busy defending resolution despite obvious contradiction. (Dec18). Mayor advises they are appointing a project manager (Sep18).


TDC rely on the flawed TDG report, despite stopping plans at 6 other similar intersections. It makes no sense.


Mayor: "If they don't work, we'll take them out" and "we're forging ahead". 

Councillor Park: "they're a temporary measure" and no reply to many emails.

She approached ThinkTaupo at a meeting, then alleged harassment. 


Most submitters to the council's Long Term Plan (LTP), are against lights, contrary to mayor stating the opposite.

2019 - NSWD lights going ahead despite increasing local opposition.

TDC's intention appears to be to spend $560,000 and hope it works.

Add $141,500 for a poor report, $127,000 for lights upgrade, $200,000 to remove lights when they don't work...

Do they want to be known as the council that wasted $1,000,000 on traffic lights?



 Email councillors if you want to                                             


            plans for lights.





TDC resolutions:  page 47

Henson Report:                                 

Errors in TDG computer simulations:          youtube

Lights fail video:                                          youtube


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